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The Quiet Rebels® Podcast

Apr 2, 2020

With so many people working from home lately, entrepreneurs have had to adjust to a new way of living. You probably are wondering how possible it is to make it work and stay sane especially if you have children that also crave your attention. If you are feeling like things have gotten out of hand and you are no longer in control of your time, then this episode has come at the right time! Join Eman Ismail (an email strategist and talented copywriter) and I as we talk about the necessary adjustments that we may be forced to make if we are to remain as productive as we initially were. You’ll be surprised that she took this interview in her car! Yes, you read that right.


In a nutshell, we discuss:

-How to maximize your style of productivity and get the most done

-Creative ways of creating packets of productive time so that you are able to manage your time better

-How to enhance your productivity by allocating different days of the week to different tasks (theme days)


This episode is sponsored by my LIVE group program, From Pitch to Podcast Guest™ to help you get booked on your next (or first) podcast in 30 days. 

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