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The Quiet Rebels® Podcast

Jun 27, 2019

As the great saying goes: "Your NetWORK is Your NetWORTH" - meaning? The people you know and the people who know you is pretty damn important.
Buuuuuut, what if networking is something that doesn't come naturally to you? When I started out in business, I was one of the shyest people EVER - and the thought of...

Jun 11, 2019

Today we have a juicy topic for this episode which is all to do with answering the question: "SHOULD you offer a discount to your friends and family when you're in business?"
There is no black and white answer for this, as everyone has different business models and beliefs. And so, this episode will help you to put...

Jun 11, 2019

Whether you're a personal brand or not, stories are one of the fundamental pieces of the puzzle to ramp up your "Know, Like and Trust Factor" - which is our goal to move a prospect through the customer journey process.
Buuuuuuut, how much should you REALLY reveal in your stories?
In this episode, I'll walk you...

Jun 11, 2019

Welcome to The Quiet Rebels Podcast!

In this episode, I'm going to walk you through the reason why this podcast exists, and what it means for you if you decide to stick around.

Before I go into the real reason why this podcast exists, I'll first define what exactly a "Quiet Rebel" is and where the origins of this Quiet...