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The Quiet Rebels® Podcast

Sep 26, 2019


At first glance, we look at the visual appeal. But really? It’s all about the EXPERIENCE you provide to those who interact with you at any touchpoint in your business.

And so, if you’re struggling to align what you WANT people to experience, with your current actions— you’re going to love the step by...

Sep 20, 2019

Soooo you got a YES for your podcast pitch, yayyy!

…Now what?

In order to deliver on your promise you laid out in your pitch and for you to best leverage this opportunity as a podcast guest - you need to be PREPPED.

Which is why for the final episode of our 3-Part Podcast Series all about Guesting on Podcasts,...

Sep 12, 2019

So you’re super excited to add guesting on podcasts to your overall marketing plan to attract quality clients to work with, and subscribers to your email list.

But… what do you actually say in a pitch?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to be covering in Part 2 of 3 in this bonus “Guesting on Podcasts series....

Sep 5, 2019

Today I’m SO excited to give a backstage pass to the core lessons I’ve learned from my personal challenge of pitching to 101 podcasts in 30 days.

There were so many things I’ve learned first hand, which is why I’m super excited to be breaking it down into a 3-Part Podcast Series.

Part 1 is where we’ll be...